Big Data is the newbie revolutionizing the IT sector. It requires analysis of large numbers of data to comprehend data for effective data-driven solutions. Big Data comes to play when there is massive amount of data and traditional data processing fails. So it is quite just to say that Big Data is needed everywhere to match up with the technological development. Big Data jobs are dominating the IT sector. By 2018, 5. 4 Million of jobs will be created to open up opportunities in Big Data. Let's cut to the chase and check out some hot Big Data jobs along with their salary scale.

Chief Data Officer

A chief data officer works with data professionals to formulate data management methodologies with sheer data accuracy. They enforce data standards and EIM concepts into an organization. They also monitor data quality and provide resolution on Data management problems.

According to Payscale the salary range is $121432 - $324809 and in India the national average is ₹4143013 per annum.

Hadoop Developer

The main role of a Hadoop developer is coding in Big Data domain for developing software applications. They should be adept in the following:

  • SQL, NoSQL and DBA
  • MapReduce coding on Hadoop clusters
  • Apache Spark and Scala Programming
  • Analyzing software prototypes and transferring it to operations

A Hadoop developer earns an average salary of $100,000 per annum which accounts to ₹1250000 per annum in India.

Data Architects design data models, ETL processes and Business Intelligence reports by using SQL, SSIS and SSRS, to deliver high-quality outcomes. According to Payscale a data architect earns an average of $131780 in the US and ₹159394 per year.

Database Developer develops, implements and optimizes database systems for customer satisfaction and to meet the efficiency requirement. They also develop database tables and perform data archival and troubleshooting periodically. A Database Developer makes an average of ₹428000 per year and an average of $89592 in the US as reported by Glassdoor.

Database administrator manages database recovery, integrity, security and performance earning an average of ₹456523 annually and $714278 in the US.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts are professionals who collect, process and execute analysis of data. Simply put, Data Analysts are responsible for determining how data can be used to solve certain problems. They make use of statistical tools to find patterns in data and put forward a crisp data report for effective management of data. They also frame and maintain databases and look after data issues. According to Payscale, per annum income in the US market would be somewhere between $34802 - $79927. In India, the salary window ranges between ₹170023 - ₹810556 per annum.

Data Scientists

They use their extensive skills in maths, statistics and programming to organize a huge amount of data. They extract these data from multiple sources, clean them from unnecessary information and implement advanced analytics, machine learning for data modeling. With their high-level programming skill they write queries or algorithms to automate data analysis. Data Scientists are also responsible for providing cost-effective, data-driven solutions to any company and speculate profit or loss of the company from the given data.

According to Payscale, per annum income in the US market would be somewhere between $63500 - $138123.

In India, the salary window ranges to ₹620244, average per annum.

This article only highlights the most common Big Data roles and salaries.